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Avoid Putting Starchy Foods Down Your Garbage Disposal.

No modern residence could do in the absence of a garbage disposal. Waste material that would otherwise create a mess or bad odor gets efficiently disposed of through this crucial appliance. Rather than causing a mess in the sink and obstructing pipes, this waste gets efficiently broken down and rinsed right through the drain. As pieces of kitchen clean-up, garbage disposals make the job faster and more sanitary. Clogged or damaged disposals can create a notable inconvenience. Displeasing scents and unhealthy conditions could be the end result of food that would get rinsed down the drain with a functioning disposal. Garbage disposals that have been impaired will eventually result in a safety concern. To find time for installation or maintenance of a garbage disposal in Fontana, CA, phone Hutch & Sons Plumbing at (909) 695-0783. To make everything simpler, depend on our trusted, esteemed garbage disposal services.

What Not To Flush Down A Disposal

When it comes to regular service, garbage disposals do not necessitate much. To make sure your appliance at first-rate performance, avoid the flushing of these down the disposal.

Fibrous Foods

Generally speaking, you ought to avoid the placement of certain fibrous items down the drain. As these items wrap about the teeth of the disposal, they can put a strain on the motor. Carrots, lettuce, asparagus, corn husks, onion skins, and celery all are examples of fibrous items. If you do place them in the disposal, run cold water and only place smaller quantities into the disposal at a time.

Starchy Foods

An additional type of item, starches, can also lead to problems for a garbage disposal. They will not merely absorb water and expand, but will quickly harden into a paste-like substance. Your appliance’s activity can become impeded by this hardened paste, which will over time make a clog in the pipe. Starchy foods to avoid in your disposal include pasta, potatoes, rice, and beans.

Grease and Oil

Grease and oil are perhaps the single most important items to practice caution with disposals, and create substantial issues. Not only will these substances cover the disposal blades and make them less effective, but also will accumulate and clog your pipes. Over time, oils and grease can begin to rot and reek from its presence in your drain.

Egg Shells

The final items, egg shells, lead to issues due to unsubstantiated wives tales about their positive nature. Eggshells make detritus that becomes trapped in your pipes, and do nothing to enhance the disposal’s teeth like generally thought. As egg shells get broken down, they become a sand-like substance that has problems running down the drain. Instead, the shells will become lodged in your p-trap, and over time accumulate to cause an obstruction.

Set Up Maintenance or Installation Right Away

For any garbage disposal repair in Fontana, CA, trust the team at Hutch & Sons Plumbing. Our skilled, dependable team will deliver incomparable services for this crucial device. Call us today at (909) 695-0783 if you have questions about our garbage disposal repair and replacement services, or to schedule your appointment.