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Clogged Toilet Cleaning

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For many individuals, the idea of a clogged toilet is a complete nightmare, and it’s easy to see why. If your home currently has a clogged toilet, you may be avoiding the restroom, or hiding from the mess! Don’t let a clogged toilet ruin your week, and don’t worry about getting your hands messy; simply give us a ring and ask for our professional clogged toilet repair in Fontana, CA. Here, we’ll go over the things that cause toilet clogs, and how to keep from doing those things. Call us at (909) 695-0783.

Clogged Toilet Cleaning

Clogged toilet repair is sometimes described as something a homeowner can fix by themselves, but in all honesty, it’s a difficult and smelly activity. The severity of a clogged toilet can range pretty widely, so in some cases, there are actions you can take while you are waiting for help to arrive. Behind every toilet is a water valve, which you should keep in mind if your toilet begins to overflow. Shut this valve, and the toilet will cease flowing. The amount of damage you see will be largely lowered if you keep any water from falling onto the floor. The smartest way to watch out for clogs is to keep items that cause clogs away from the toilet. The sole things that should ever be flushed down any toilet are human waste, along with regular toilet tissue. Plenty of products claim to be okay to flush, but truly, if it’s not human waste or toilet paper, do not flush it. In fact, all of the items that are supposedly flushable are unsafe for the plumbing past your toilet too, and can cause problems in the city’s sewer system too! So bear in mind the consequences of flushing “flushable” materials, and stick with flushing only waste or toilet paper.

Professional Clogged Toilet Repair

Some homeowners prefer to try DIY options, and while that’s fine, be certain to keep in mind that plungers need a certain technique for best results. Additionally keep in mind that incorrect use of a plunger, or other DIY remedies, can cause expensive as well as severe damage to both the toilet and the drainage pipes. When you require a job done properly, and you need it done quickly, professional service is the way to go. Set up your assessment with one of our expert plumbers at (909) 695-0783, and ask how we can assist you with our affordable clogged toilet repair in Fontana, CA!