Gas Water Heater Replacement Services

Gas Water Heater

Gas Water Heaters Are a Great Addition To Your Home.

Is your home’s gas or propane water heater beginning to develop signs of wear or damage? Typical water heaters last around 8-12 years and can begin to have more frequent problems as it gets older. If you aren’t sure of your water heater’s age and it has required more repairs than usual, it might be time for a replacement. If that is what you end up needing to do, we will be there to help you talk about all of your options and make the best choice for your home. It can seem overwhelming to have to get a new water heater but we are here to make the process easier so you have no stress. To get propane and gas water heater replacement around Fontana, CA that you can rely on, call the Hutch & Sons Plumbing plumbing experts at (909) 695-0783. Our professionals will deliver the information you need to decide whether repair or replacement is the ideal option with our comprehensive water heater inspection.

Gas Water Heater Services

Propane and gas water heaters are popular choices in households for multiple reasons. These easy to operate water heaters heat water fast for more efficient use. However, over time, they are susceptible to certain damages when they are not regularly maintained. For example, in locations that have hard water, or water with unusual mineral content, it is extremely common for water heaters to collect sediment in its tank. Gas and propane water heaters can begin to use more energy as they get older which can lead to higher utility costs. As these problems begin to happen more frequently, replacement could be the most inexpensive solution for your home.

Water Heater Replacement Options

Many times, electric water heaters are selected for replacement of propane or gas heaters. Highly efficient, many electric water heaters are also considered to be less hazardous options because of the lack of a pilot light and continuous gas flow. Timers can also be applied to electric heaters so you can be sure you’re only using the energy you need. Learn about your gas water heater replacement solutions in Fontana, CA or schedule an appointment with our plumbing professionals by calling (909) 695-0783.