Water Acid Neutralizer Systems

Photosynthesis and other natural processes can leave byproducts in your home’s well water, causing it to have a higher acid content than normal. If your water’s acid level is high, you could have issues including staining, corroded pipes, and bad tastes in your water. Installing a water acid neutralizer can help raise your water’s pH levels and prevent high acid problems. Find out how a water acid neutralizer will benefit your Fontana, CA home by calling the Hutch & Sons Plumbing professionals at (909) 695-0783.

Multiple Water Acid Neutralizer Options to Choose From

Acid Neutralizers

Add Clean Water To Your Home.

As water passes through soil and across the environment, it picks up impurities that may affect its look, taste, and even pH balance. As water becomes more acidic from natural elements like alkaline, it causes problems in your home such as corroded pipes, sour tastes, and stains on your fixtures and clothing. Water acid neutralizers deliver the pH balance your water requires to prevent the problems caused from alkaline and other natural elements. These systems come in two types, calcite and proportional, and can eliminate the elements that cause high acidity in your water. Call us to speak with our experts about your water acid neutralizer choices.

Calcite Water Acid Neutralizers

As the most popular type of neutralizer, the calcite system uses calcium carbonate to neutralize the acids within your water. Though these systems are the most cost-effective version, they require regular backwashing to protect against buildup and breakdown. While these systems can contribute to hard water issues, a water softener is able to easily be added to guard against any calcium buildup.

Proportional Water Neutralizer Options

While these types of systems are more expensive than calcite models, they offer effective pH balance with the use of injectors and ash instead of calcium, which contributes to hard water. Though proportional systems don’t need to be backwashed, they do need occasional maintenance of their injectors, valves, sensors, and mixing tank.

There’s no need to live with acidic water in your home. Our experts can deliver the choices and services you’re looking for to get less acidic water in your home. Discover which of the water acid neutralizers is ideal for your Fontana, CA home by calling the Hutch & Sons Plumbing experts at (909) 695-0783.